Hockey, the other national sport of Japan!

After the mega update preceding the Oban Festival holiday this week it looks like things are returning to normal with 4 VC releases and 7 DSi releases for next week, though nothing new in the WiiWare pipeline.

Virtual Console
Ike lke! Nekketsu Hockey-bu (500pts - Technos) -- A hockey game with characters that resemble those from the Technos Dodgeball game; originally released on the Famicom in 1992.

Solomon's Key (800pts - Tecmo) -- Original arcade version of the Famicom game already released on the VC everywhere.

Bomb Jack (800pts - Tehkan) -- Another arcade classic from Tecmo; this one is a platformer with the object being to fly around and collect bombs.

Knuckle Heads (800pts - Namco) -- One of a handful of VCA releases remaining in Namco's stated release list for 2009, Knuckle Heads is Namco's entry in the tag-team 2-D fighting game genre.

Bombs awayyyyyyyyy!

The final three Game & Watch titles get released Wednesday: Donkey Kong Jr., Mario's Cement Factory and Manhole all from Nintendo for 200pts each.

Two puzzle games in the G.G. Series are coming from Genterprise: Energy Chain and Packing Conveyor for 200pts each.

Silver Star Japan is offering a shogi game for 500pts called Saikyoo Silver Star Shogi.

Finally for 800pts Hudson are offering Himitsu no Ooku which seems to be a visual novel in a medieval setting.