Wii gamers are at least passingly familiar with Hudson Soft's Deca Sports compilation; it's shipped two million copies worldwide already, which ain't too shabby for a third-party title on Nintendo's console. Now DS gamers too will get a crack at the action, as Hudson has announced a portable iteration of its successful sports franchise.

Deca Sports DS, or DS DS, will include ten new sports. Five of those are of the more traditional variety, like golf, ping pong, wall climbing, bobsled and rugby. The other five, well, they're a bit more unconventional, such as arm wrestling, clay shooting, cheerleading, sky diving and sepak takraw, which is a type of kick volleyball native to Southeast Asia.

Up to six people can get in on the game and swear at each other when a friendly game of sepak takraw gets heated, although you can bring in more people to swear without a DS of their own.

DS DS is slated for a Spring 2010 release in North America.