Another great shooter on VC

Nintendo's official UK magazine has once again spilled the beans on the upcoming Wii and DSi update. Surprisingly enough, Nintendo has not chosen to make Kirby's Dream Land 3 the 300th VC game, despite it being a planned Hanabi Festival release. At least the game which is now #300 is a great one!

MUSHA, also known as Musha Aleste, is part of the popular Aleste series, of which most games were not released outside Japan. This particular one was released in North America, but still never made it to European shores. It's not hard to see why it's usually called one of the best shooters on the Mega Drive - With great graphics, an awesome soundtrack, a ton of powerups, long stages and a whole bunch of varied enemies it's got pretty much everything you'd want from a shooter. That's also why we gave it a whopping 9/10. It'll run you 900 Wii Points like all other Mega Drive imports.

Smash Table Tennis is, however, on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. It's a Famicom Disk System port of an arcade game by Konami, which was appropriately titled Konami's Ping Pong, and it suffers from exactly the same thing that makes almost every other NES sports game so bad - It's just so incredibly boring! The only reason you'd possibly want to buy this is because there are two Nintendo cameo appearances, but overall, for 600 Wii Points it's not worth the price of admission at all. At least the game's finally off the coming soon list - It's been there for almost a year! We'll review it very soon.

WiiWare and DSiWare offer a combined total of two delights this week. For WiiWare there's the previously announced Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord, which is of course a "sequel" to the WiiWare launch game My Life as a King. This time you're not the good guy - You're the bad one! In a neat twist on the term "tower defense," the game's objective is to defend your base of operations, which just so happens to be a tower, from the invading good guys. To do so you'll have to place traps and familiar Final Fantasy monsters on its various floors to stop their advance. For 1000 Wii Points this will be a lot more affordable to most that King, but keep in mind that there will once again be DLC, which will cost you extra money! We'll review the game this weekend.

DSiWare this week offers another "little bit of" a retail DS game. This time it's A Little Bit of... Puzzle League, which is a cut-down version of the DS game Planet Puzzle League. Like with Dr. Mario, it features all single-player modes - But all multiplayer features are gone! For 500 DSi Points you can't really complain about this though, and if you don't have Planet Puzzle League it could be a nice, cheap alternative. We'll naturally review it soon.

So there's the third week of the Hanabi Festival! There's only two more imports games, which should be released next week - Detana!! Twinbee and Kirby's Dream Land 3. On top of that, two WiiWare games are confirmed for next week as well - ColorZ and Heracles: Chariot Racing, so all you can try to guess is next week's DSiWare game(s)!