More dungeon crawling with Mike!

Last week brought us the excellent Pulseman and Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen as the first two imports of the fourth Hanabi Festival. This week brings us two more imports, and again, both of them are great!

Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics II is the second and, sadly, last StarTropics game. You once again play as Mike Jones, who once again has to save the planet from the alien invader Zoda. Like in the first game, there's a mix of two gameplay styles - You'll have to explore overworlds and fight enemies in dungeons. Zoda's Revenge fixes a bunch of issues from the first game, for example, in dungeons, you can now walk in all 8 directions instead of 4, and you don't have to stop in specific spots, you can go wherever you want! The downside to this is that there's also a few new issues - But all in all, if you liked the first game you'll like this one too. Read our review to find out more.

Bomberman '94 is, quite obviously, the sequel to Bomberman '93, which was a Virtual Console launch game! The gameplay is still the same as always - Go around levels in a story mode blowing up various enemies, or play battle mode with up to 4 friends. Although there's no huge changes, '94 improves on '93 in quite a few ways, making it one of the best classic Bomberman games there is, so if you want just one Bomberman game this is the recommended choice! Our review will tell you exactly what the improvements are.

WiiWare has two new games, although we don't think anyone was truly excited for either of them! 5 Spots Party is pretty much just a "spot the difference" game, you're presented with two pictures and have to find five differences between them. For just 500 Wii Points it's as cheap as it can possibly be, so if you like this kind of game then you'll probably enjoy this. We'll have a review up in the next few days to tell you if it's worth buying even if you're not a huge fan of spotting differences.

Karate Phants: Gloves of Glory is a one-on-one fighting game based on the German comic book and cartoon series "Die Ottifanten" (The Ottifants), which, as the name might imply, is about a bunch of elephant-like creatures. The problem with this is that almost nothing related to The Ottifants was ever released in any country other than Germany, so at 800 Wii Points it's gonna be a tough sell to anyone not from Germany! We'll see if it's worth your time even if you don't know the series in our review within the next few days.

DSiWare finally sees the release of the ninth and (so far) final Art Style game - Art Style: BOXLIFE. Like CODE, it manages to turn something normally boring into something fun - Who ever thought making boxes could be entertaining? The game's objective is to cut out shapes from paper and then fold them into box shapes - So you better be good at quick thinking! Our review will tell you why this is one box factory you'll actually want to work at!

Another good Hanabi Festival week! Which two games will next week bring us? One of them will be the 300th European VC game!