Punch -- punch -- punch!

Well it looks like Japan is having a WiiWare holiday next week with no new titles having been announced via the website or the shop news bulletin.

The two Virtual Console releases offer a catch-up title in the form of Super Punch Out for the Super Famicom (800pts) and yet another Virtual Console Arcade release from Namco in the form of Sky Kid (yay! -- also 800pts).

The DSi is getting no less than four Electro-Plankton titles, with a further two announced for release on the 22nd of July. These have already been seen in cartridge form for the DS a few years ago, so Nintendo seems to be trying to sell some plankton to new DSi owners who don't already know of it. The names in parentheses are the names of the titles as released outside of Japan; it probably won't be a surprise to see these appear on the DSi shop outside of Japan in the future.

The 08 July releases (200pts each) are:
Hanenbon (Hanebow)
Tsuriga ne Mushi ( Beatnes)

The titles being released on the 22nd of July are:
Rekku Rekku (Rec-Rec)
Hikari no Wa (Lumiloop)