Now Japanese players can once again see what happened before The After Years.

Things aren't much better next month than they were this one - This time there's 4 non-Namco, non-arcade games instead of 3. A slight improvement, but still not that much better! Among the first games to be released will be the final Final Fantasy game to hit Japan's Virtual Console for now. Pengo, which has been ESRB rated for ages, will also finally be released, so maybe we can finally expect a release elsewhere as well?

Japan's full list for August, not including to be announced Namco arcade games, is as follows:


  • Ike Ike! Nekketsu Hockey Bu - Subette Koronde Dairantou (A hockey game starring Kunio-kun and the rest of the gang)

Super Famicom:

Sega Mega Drive:

Virtual Console Arcade:

  • Cosmo Gang the Video (August 4th - A shoot 'em up starring Namco's cutesy Cosmo Gang characters)
  • Pac-Mania (August 4th - An isometric Pac-Man game)

Still no sign of Namco releasing more arcade games elsewhere, yet they release at least one in Japan every single week. What could possibly be the hold-up?