You've got a year, Wiebe!

Even though Steve Wiebe didn't crack the DK record at E3, falling short a relatively measly 60,800 points below Billy Mitchell's whopping 1,050,200 score, he's still got something to show for it.

Stride Gum, who originally offered Wiebe $10,001 in quarters and a year's supply of their Uber Bubble gum as an incentive for smacking down the record, are sticking with him and throwing runner-up prizes his way: $2,500.25 in quarters, or 10,001 of them, and a year's supply of Uber Bubble, which he can chew as he plots and trains for his future revenge.

That's not all for Wiebe, oh no. Stride's offer stands through to the next E3, and if he can break the record at any public, Twin Galaxies-approved event in the meantime, well, he'll get the cash, glory and even more gum.

So much more gum.