More prizes!

Swords & Soldiers has only been out in North America for a little over 3 days, but 3 dedicated players have already collected all achievements and earned themselves goodie bags.

The results are quite varied this time - One of the three winners is from the US, one from Canada and one from Mexico. No 4th place winner this time for sending in a code very shortly after the third person! The winners are:

  • 1. Chris David, Canada
  • 2. Roberto Israel Hern├índez de la Garza, Mexico
  • 3. William Koepke, U.S.A.

Congratulations to all winners, and to everybody else - Remember that you can still unlock all 25 achievements and send in your code, Ronimo Games will be randomly picking a number of winners every month from now on, so you can still win your very own Chief Meat apron and Insane Uber Pwner poster.