Fans want Retro Game Challenge 2

To say that the original Retro Game Challenge has a loyal following might be the understatement of the year, but unfortunately that following isn't quite large enough to justify XSEED localizing its sequel Retro Game Challenge 2. Of course this hasn't stopped the flood of fan emails to the company begging and pleading for it to happen anyway.

The guys at XSEED recently took part in an interview with Siliconera, and here's a bit of what they had to say when asked about the possibility of the company localizing Retro Game Challenge 2...

Siliconera: So about Retro Game Challenge 2…

Ken Berry, Director of Publishing: It looks very unlikely that we will localize and bring it.

We’ve gotten tons of e-mails from fans that say ‘thank you so much!’, ‘we love Retro Game Challenge’, ‘it’s my favorite DS game of all time’, but when you look at the sales numbers that actually picked it up and really being vocal about it, it’s pretty small compared to the other DS owners out there. The sales aren’t quite there to justify bringing the sequel.

Jun Iwasaki, President: Fortunately, we got that title, but honestly it has not reached our expectations sales wise. It’s tough to bring the game over. If the sales of Game Center CX 1 dramatically increase we will of course consider it. It’s up to you guys.

Siliconera: OK! Tell my readers how many more copies need to be sold.

Jun Iwasaki, President: We have to reach 100,000.

Well there you have it. Everyone go out right now and buy 50 copies of Retro Game Challenge. It's for a good cause.

And you can also check out the full Siliconera interview with XSEED as well.