Back to the basics!

Well, no surprises here! All four games released today were already announced beforehand.

Super Smash Bros. is the first game in Nintendo's massively popular fighting franchise. There's a total of 12 characters and 9 stages, which is obviously not much when compared to the content of Melee and Brawl, but it's still fairly fun. The question is, is there really any reason to buy it if you've played either sequel? We'll have a review up in the next few days to answer that question.

Cocoto Platform Jumper is the second Neko Entertainment game to be ported to WiiWare. Unlike the mediocre Cocoto Fishing Master it's actually quite good, and for 700 Wii Points could be worth checking out. Read our review to see what we thought of the game when it was released in North America.

DSiWare brings us two new games. We don't really know much about Asphalt 4: Elite Racing, other than the fact it's by Gameloft and it's a port of an iPhone game. The iPhone version was received surprisingly well, however, so if it's any bit as good the first DSiWare racer will be a great game. We'll have a review up soon to see if its 800 DSi Points price tag is worth it.

Sudoku 150! For Challengers doesn't really need an explanation. Developed by Hudson Soft, it's quite simply a package containing 150 sudoku puzzles, which I'm sure everybody knows how to solve by now. For 500 points it might be good for hardcore sudoku fans, but there's so many other ways to play sudoku that it's probably not worth it for most. We'll see soon enough when we review it!

No shockers! Will next week bring us another VC game, or will NoE continue its apparent return to alternating weeks of VC and no VC?