4-player fighting fun on the N64, finally!

The official website for Official Nintendo Magazine has revealed all plans for this Friday's European Wii and DSi updates.

On the VC side of things, Europeans will finally be able to download Super Smash Bros., the game that started it all. Japan got it back in January, before even getting Majora's Mask - But now we'll finally be able to download it as well.

If you're familiar with the series (Who isn't?) you should know what it's like - You pick one of eight Nintendo characters (Plus four unlockable ones) as you duke it out against up to 3 opponents. If you haven't played the original Smash Bros. be warned that it's fairly bare-bones compared to its sequels - There's only a single player game and a multiplayer versus mode to keep you occupied, no special minigames or collectables (Such as trophies)! If all you're going for is the multiplayer aspect, however, then it's still quite a fun game.

WiiWare will only be getting one new game this week - Cocoto Platform Jumper. This is a port of a PS2 game, but it's actually fairly decent - As North America has already had it for a while, we've naturally already reviewed it, so read our review to see if you'd like the game or not.

DSiWare will be graced with two more new titles as well. Gameloft will bring us the first DSiWare racing game, Asphalt 4: Elite Racing, while Hudson Soft will bring the popular game of sudoku to the DSi in the form of Sudoku 150! For Challengers.

[source officialnintendomagazine.co.uk]