Escape, uh, shoot those viruses!

WiiWare releases in Japan next Tuesday include something new in the form of Game Sound Station from Gust Co., Ltd. For 1000 points you get access to a number of tracks from dozens of video game soundtracks. You can then purchase tickets for listening to a larger number of tracks for fixed time periods of 1 day (300 points), 3 days (500 points) or 30 days (1000 points). You can create a playlist, choose background art and manipulate aspects of the audio like echo and reverb. It will be interesting to see if there's a market for this service. You can view the full album list and more (all in Japanese of course) at the official website

The other WiiWare release is a game called Escape Virus from iPhone game developer Peakvox, which is only 500 points and looks like a mix of different arcade game types built around fighting viruses. There's what looks like a snake-style game segment and a Robotron-style bit with a fixed playfield and swarming enemies. Given the low price and accessible nature of the title, there's a strong possibility we'll be seeing First Impressions of this one in this fine digital publication next week.

Virtual Console releases include the Nintendo racing game that started it all: Super Mario Kart for the Super Famicom at 800 points, and Namco's classic dual-stick arcade tank game Assault also for 800 points -- there had better be proper dual analogue control implementation for the Classic Controller for this one! We can hear you asking when this will be released elsewhere already!

We can hear you asking "when is this coming to NA/PAL-land?" already

Wednesday is DSiWare-day in Japan and next week will see the release of what looks to be the latest in a series of Detective Saburoo games on the DS from Arc System Works called Tsubaki no Yukue & Murder Mystery for 500 points. The game is billed as a "Mystery Adventure" and may be along the lines of Another Code R or an "interactive narrative" like Sega's 428 on the Wii.