What does this remind you of?

Next week we have four downloads on the Japanese Wii and nothing new to download for the Japanese DSi.

Mochi Mochi Q looks to be part Equilibrio and part World of Goo with cute little pink blob aliens trying to escape being eaten by cute big purple ones using the Wii remote NES-style and presumably some form of motion control. 800 points from Natsume Soft.

Fantasic Tambourine from Zoom, Inc appears to be some kind of rhythm-action game using the Wii remote like a tambourine. Also 800 points.

Final Fantasy II from Square-Enix is the 2nd in the series on the Famicom Virtual Console for 500 points.

Wonder Momo is another Virtual Console Arcade entry from Namco for 800 points (this already has an excellent -- and depending on your fondness for cheescake level interstitials, superior -- port on the PC Engine Virtual Console for 600 points).