DSi is here to stay!

Gamers waiting for the true successor to the DS system might be waiting a bit longer than once thought.

According to an IGN news article, Nintendo had already completed work on the new handheld, but given the rampant success of the DS system over the past few years, they've decided not to release this new portable game system.

"In the history of Nintendo there are several such examples," Iwata told CNBC in an interview, picked up by Edge Online, "But when we are launching new hardware, the most important is thing is to sustain the momentum. If introducing new hardware won't do anything to do that, well…"

This of course comes as no real surprise given the incredible sales success of the DS system, especially considering the DSi is basically the second upgrade of the same portable game system.

It looks like the DSi is here to stay for awhile, which will at least be a comfort to those who've invested in the system already. It also might provide a good excuse to anyone that hasn't yet bit the bullet and purchased one of the new systems.

[source ds.ign.com]