It's Chacha time!

It may be one of the most anticipated hardcore releases for Wii this year, but Monster Hunter 3 (Tri~) isn't afraid to show its sillier side, with the latest video from Capcom introducing would-be Hunters to their new best friend - Chacha (yes, really.)

The short claymation video shows the little acorn-headed Chacha exploring the world and hunting down the huge Wyverns - including one of the all-new underwater monsters making their debut in MH3 (Tri~) - and generally getting into all kinds of japes and scrapes. It's unclear as yet what role the tiny tot will take, but our bets are on Chacha replacing the Felyne assistant character featured in the upcoming PSP title Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

You can check out the video by hitting this link now, and stay tuned to NintendoLife for more Monster Hunter news as the game's Japanese release date of August 1st rears its acorn-shaped head.