Come on - you know you want one.

Even though everybody complains about the price of plumbers these days, Mario obviously isn't raking enough in from the old pipes and taps, so he's expanding into storage - USB storage, to be precise.

Talented member sgedra has recently put together these super-cool and very charming Mario USB sticks, with designs including a dopey Koopa Troopa and Mario punching the air, presumably in celebration of his decent 4GB capacity.

Although not the cheapest of USB sticks - weighing in at about $55 USD - but they are some of the coolest we've ever seen, and you can even plug Mario's base into the ? Block extension to give him a little extra reach (at a little extra cash).

If you're after a little more POW in your pocket storage, pop on over to sgedra's page and order yourself up a little treat. And maybe one for us whilst you're at it...

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