Golden Sun finally coming to DS!

It's been over 6 years since we've seen a Golden Sun release, but the series, consisting of two releases on Nintendo's Game Boy Advance system, is now officially coming to Nintendo's DS system with the announcement of Golden Sun DS.

In the brief promo video shown at Nintendo's Press Conference, we got to see that the game has now taken on a much more 3-D look to it and puts the dual-screen format of the DS to good use, as shown in the dual screen boss fight.

After going dark six years ago, 2010 will see a new dawn. Golden Sun DS updates the popular portable Golden Sun role-playing series with an impressive graphical style. This installment follows the story of the previous heroes’ descendants and immerses players into the magic of its adventure by pushing the boundaries of intuitive touch-screen controls. Golden Sun DS is playable on the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi systems.

Below is the official E3 trailer for Golden Sun DS. We'll have more information on Golden Sun DS as it becomes available.