Easier than destroying a Game Boy.

Dig chiptunes? Got a creative side just itching to get out? Hope you've got an iPhone or iPod Touch then, because a new app is out that may float your pixelated boat.

8Bitone is a full-blown retro synthesizer and sequencer with both feet firmly planted in the NES-era. It's so faithful that it only gives you 4 channels to work with (in mono, no less), so you too can experience the limitations of old-school hardware that game composers of yore had to deal with.

Sure beats digging out and ripping up your old Game Boy, and not as complicated either. While not the first or only 8-bit synthesizer available on the App Store, it certainly looks like the mightiest one.

The app is available on iTunes now for $8.99. Check it out in action below!

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[source yudo.jp]