More extreme invaders from space attacking!

Did you like Bubble Bobble Plus!? Taito is banking on a big ol' "yes" to that one, because the company has announced it'll be unleashing five more new-old games for WiiWare and DS.

Bust-A-Move Plus!, Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure and Arkanoid Plus! will be competing for your Wii Points, with Space Invaders Extreme 2 and Space Bust-A-Move looking to steal your real-world money.

Bust-A-Move Plus! (Puzzle Bobble Plus! in Europe) promises 135 levels of bubble popping this summer, with levels from previous entries to be made available for download.

Arkanoid Plus!, due this summer as well, doesn't have a lot of information available other than that it will feature a multiplayer mode. If Arkanoid Live is any indication, it'll be, well, Arkanoid.

Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure will be a sequel to the 1987 arcade title, and is actually slated for a June 15 release.

As far as the DS games go, Space Invaders Extreme was a neat-o little game that we're pleased as punch to see more of, and it's got a July 28 release date. Space Bust-A-Move, well, it's Bust-A-Move. In space. This fall.

Taito has proven it can make fun retro-updates, so we'll see how these turn out pretty soon. Look for more coverage of these games on Nintendo Life in the future.