C'mon, Steve!

Steve Wiebe doesn't need more reason to shatter Billy Mitchell's Donkey Kong record other than to wipe that grin off Mitchell's smug face, but lo and behold, here's another one. Or, another 10,001 reasons.

According to GoNintendo, Stride Gum has stepped up to offer Wiebe $10,001 if he can break Mitchell's 1,050,200 record. That's a lot of games of Donkey Kong.

Said Gary Osifchin, Stride marketing director:

Steve Wiebe is an inspiration to gamers everywhere, and we believe he truly deserves the title of Donkey Kong world champion. This is exactly the kind of long lasting endeavor that we here at Stride appreciate, and we have full confidence that Wiebe will once again surpass the million points mark and avoid the kill screen for long enough in the process.

While this is admirable of Stride, I think their efforts are more needed helping out Duke Nukem, who so clearly has run out of gum.

[source gonintendo.com]