I don't know what this means.

Things just ain't what they used to be for niche-localizer XSeed. First they lose the gorgeous Muramasa: The Demon Blade to publisher Ignition due to financial woes, and now another promising gem is stripped from them.

Yes, Virginia, Retro Game Challenge 2 for DS (Game Center CX 2 as it's known in the motherland) probably won't be localized for the US. The 16-bit sequel, complete with sequels to RGC1 games, an RPG and two text adventures, is hampered by crap sales.

Said Ken Berry of XSEED:

We're getting by, but not doing as well as we'd like. Retro Game Challenge started off well but still hasn't gotten to the point where we can justify bringing over the sequel. It's amazing how many people write to thank us for publishing that game, so perhaps as those enthusiast fans continue to spread the word we will get to where we need to be eventually.

You heard the man. Spread the word!

[source nintendo.joystiq.com]