A retail-quality game is now on DSiWare!

Last week's update wasn't exactly that hot. Unfortunately, the same can probably be said again this week.

DSiWare's gone down from two games a week to one this time. At least it's a decent one! Real Soccer 2009 is pretty much a port of the DS game with the same name, which is really quite an achievement for a DSiWare game. You'd think that in the move to DSiWare they would have to sacrifice some features, but you'd be wrong! If you read our Real Football 2009 review you can see that it's still a very good game.

Preceded by Family Table Tennis and Family Glide Hockey, Family Pirate Party is the third game in the "Family" series and today's only new WiiWare game. This particular game seems to be a bit like Mario Party, with a board, dice, and a bunch of minigames. The Family series doesn't exactly have a good track record so far though - Maybe this will rectify that? Naturally, we'll review it within the next few days.

On Virtual Console you can get Galaxy Force II, which is similar to games such as Space Harrier - You fly through 3D-esque environments shooting down all the enemies that come your way. What's really disappointing is that this is the Mega Drive version - Nintendo even hypes it up as "an arcade classic," yet still chooses to release an inferior home console port instead of the actual arcade game! If you read our Galaxy Force II review you'll see that it's not really worth getting excited over.

299 games on VC now - Could next week finally bring North Americans Majora's Mask?

More from Nintendo's press release:


May 11, 2009

Nintendo DSiWare™ takes its first trip into the sports category this week with the cool, camera-enabled Real Soccer 2009. For more of a board-game feel, dive into Family Pirate Party on WiiWare™ and see who can collect the most gold. Finally, the out-of-this-world arcade shooter Galaxy Force™ II hits the Virtual Console™.

Nintendo DSiWare

Real Soccer 2009 (Gameloft, 1-4 players, Rated E for Everyone, 800 Nintendo DSi Points™): It’s time to live the soccer season to the max with Real Soccer 2009 on Nintendo DSi™. It will offer you a never-before-seen soccer experience with revolutionary yet easily accessible touch-screen controls. Take a photo of anything with the Nintendo DSi Camera and turn the image into your own custom ball or team flag, or even make yourself into your favorite player. With 198 teams using real player names, realistic opponent behaviors thanks to advanced artificial intelligence, and superior 3-D graphics, you’ll feel just like a professional soccer player. Go ahead, take your best shot!


Family Pirate Party (Aksys Games, 1-4 players, Rated E 10+ for Everyone 10 and Older – Mild Cartoon Violence and Suggestive Themes, 500 Wii Points™): Daddy, Mommy, Sarah and Billy make their return as pirates sailing the seas and skies. Roll the dice and sail through the islands to gather the treasures each island holds. The person with the most gold at the end wins. Family Pirate Party shines with its appealing cel-shaded graphics and endearing music. Challenge up to three other players (friends, the CPU or both) for some four-player board-game fun. Do you have it in you to defeat your opponents and become the king of Family Pirate Party!?

Virtual Console

Galaxy Force II (Sega Genesis, 1 player, Rated E for Everyone – Fantasy Violence, 800 Wii Points): Galaxy Force II is an arcade shooter with a 3-D view from behind your spaceship. Fly through five different planets, taking on enemies in environments that range from a peaceful garden to lands made of fire or ice. Navigate treacherous landscapes by flying low over the planet’s surface and blowing up enemy robots, ships and turrets, then flying through a tunnel to destroy the alien stronghold on each planet. It is your duty as part of the Galaxy Force to defend against the alien invasion and maintain peace in the solar system.

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