Blow your mind in a Fantasy Zone!

All the signs were pointing to a new Hanabi Festival starting today - Nintendo of Europe did not reveal today's new games in advance (Unlike the past two weeks) which lead us to believe there'd be something big. On top of that, it's "Golden Week" in Japan at the moment, a national holiday! How much longer are we gonna have to wait?

It's not all that bad though, the Wii Shop has both an actual classic and an update to another classic available right now. Fantasy Zone II is of course the sequel to Fantasy Zone, which, while often overlooked, is quite a fun little game. This sequel basically improves on everything but the music (Which is not nearly as catchy as that in the original) - The gameplay's more interesting and the graphics are some of the best on the system. If you want, wait for our review, but rest assured that if you liked the first game you'll love this one.

On WiiWare you can download Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure!, which is an updated version of Rainbow Islands (Part of the Bubble Bobble series), sadly not yet available on VC. Bubble Bobble Plus! was a great update to the original, but we recommend you wait for a review on this one - When Sean gave us his first impressions from the Japanese release a couple of months ago, it sounded fairly mediocre.

DSiWare practically hasn't been updated at all - The only new game available is A Little Bit of... Magic Made Fun: Deep Psyche, the second bitesized Magic Made Fun compilation. Like the previous one, you really shouldn't bother, if you're the least bit interested in learning magic tricks, the full original DS game can be found really cheap in a ton of stores (Because it barely sold any copies!). Read our Master of Illusion Express: Deep Psyche review if you still need convincing.

That's it for this week!