He's baaaack!

A little bit of madness and some exciting Arcade Classic surprises coming to the Japanese Wii next week, whilst the Japanese DSiWare service comes out of a dry spell.

On the WiiWare front we have four titles coming out next Tuesday:

Muscle March from Namco Bandai for 800 points features body builders and a...polar bear...trying to catch the people who stole their protein powder by matching various poses so they can walk through walls after them!

Arkanoid Plus! from Taito, also for 800 points seems to be a remix of the Arkanoid and Revenge of DOH arcade block-breaking games. There's a WiFi PNP icon, so expect extra levels to buy for this like every other retro Taito game on WiiWare. Hopefully they've made good use of pointer or motion for paddle control because I'm definitely ready to break some blocks! Also includes a 2-player battle mode a la Arkanoid Returns.

Nice Muscle!

Hamekomi Lucky Puzzle Wii from Try First for only 500 points is a puzzle game using triangles and various trapezoidal pieces to completely fill in various shapes -- basically it's like a Wii version of Tanagrams (anyone else have those as kids?).

3°C from Kemco is 700 points and looks very much like Samegame or something else in that vein with little coloured blocks that seemingly need to be removed from a 2-D playfield to score points. Guess even Japan gets it's share of "me-too!" puzzle games.

On the VC front we have a couple of golden oldies:

Final Fantasy for the Famicom for 500 points -- note the absence of any numbers, yep, it's the one that started it all!

Splatterhouse for the VC Arcade for 800 points -- much preferred over any of the console ports available.

DSiWare has six new releases lined up for the following day (27th):

Chotto Magic Taisen Nensha Camera for 200 points -- looks like another in a series of Chotto Magic Taisen titles for the DSi from Nintendo.

Puzzle Magazine Crossword House for 500 points -- a crossword title from Nintendo (with vols. 2 & 3 coming in June and July apparently).

Mr. Brain for 500 points -- a collection of logic puzzles from Square-Enix.

Rizumu de Kitaeru Atarashii Eigo Duke Yasashii Kaiwa Hen for 800 points -- appears to be a title for learning conversational English from Nintendo.

Pocket Rurubu Tookyoo and Pocket Rurubu Kyooto for 800 points each -- these are both from Nintendo and are DSi versions of the Rurubu travel guides for Tokyo and Kyoto, respectively.