Wars on the Famicom?  Isn't this a "family-friendly" system?

Next week is a VC-heavy week for Japan with only one WiiWare title and four Virtual Console titles. The Japanese DSiWare front has been quiet since the 1st of the month which saw the release of the viewer for downloading videos from the latest Nintendo Wii channel: Wii no Ma.

Shika Gari (sic) or Deer Hunt is a simple deer-hunting title and the sole WiiWare release for 500 points.

The Virtual Console line-up sees the following releases:

Ninja-Kun: Ashura no Shou (500 points) -- Famicom port of the 2nd Ninja-Kun arcade game
Famicom Wars (500 points) -- The one that started it all...
R-Type for the Sega Master System (500 points) -- You cannot have too many R-Type ports
Cyber Sled from Namco for the VC Arcade (800 points) -- It's been a long time since I played this!