More Pikmin fun on the way?

At last year's E3, Nintendo game guru Shigeru Miyamoto stated pretty emphatically that the company was working on an all-new Pikmin adventure. We've heard little else since, but the latest issue of UK video game magazine EDGE (issue 202, if you're interested) hints that we may not have to wait that much longer for solid news.

For the issue's 'Next Month' page, there's a massive photo of some freshly-cut grass. Nothing too strange there, you might assume, but according to GoNintendo, there's also a little hidden hint - a small Pikmin-shaped blob.

As to which format it will be hitting, your guess is as good as ours; the sensible money would be on the Wii, but we can certainly see a DS-based Pikmin adventure going down a storm.

We'll have to wait until June 4th to find out, because that's when issue 203 hits the news stands.