Coming soon to a Wii near you!

Sometimes, you come across a Virtual Console game that you just don't think fits snugly onto a Classic controller or a GameCube pad. I've had this problem with Sin and Punishment myself; I hate the Cube controller for it, and the Classic feels weird to me with it's too-close nubs.

Peripheral company Innex thinks it may have a solution for you. See, instead of shoving a game onto a controller it wasn't designed for, or if you just want that authentic feel, you might want to check out the 3-in-1 Virtual Retro Adaptor announced today.

Said to use the GameCube ports, the adapter allows Virtual Console-compatibility with NES, SNES and N64 pads, but no word on whether you could use your N64 pad in, say, Mario Kart Wii.

Similar solutions already exist for computers, but it's nice to see someone take the initiative for VC.

Innex plans on unleashing the device in mid-June for $20 bones U.S. More details are (again) promised for E3. The full press release is below.


Innex Secures Exclusive Komodo Adapter in Time for E3 Launch.

Old School is Now the New Cool.

City of Industry, Calif., (May, 2009) --Backwards compatibility has reached a new level of cool with the launch of the 3-in-1 Virtual Retro Adaptor that allows gamers to connect NES®, SNES®, and N64® controllers directly to the Nintendo Wii™ video game console.

By accessing the GameCube® port that is built in to the Wii™ system, the 3-in-1 Virtual Retro Adaptor allows gamers to enjoy older, “retro” games using the original controllers for NES®, SNES®, and N64®.

The Retro Adaptor, developed by Komodo and exclusively distributed by Innex, will be available for demonstration at E3, Innex Booth # 2547, South Hall.

Product Highlights:
· Compatible with Nintendo® Wii™ Virtual Console
· Connects Through GameCube® Port
· Compatible with 1st and 3rd Party Controllers
· Compatible with NES®, SNES®, and N64® Controllers
· Analog Function Available for N64® Controllers
· Suggested Retail Price: $19.99
· Launch Date: Mid June

“Whether you’re a young kid or middle aged gaming fanatic, the Retro Adapter is perfect for controlling all the great Nintendo® titles from the last 25 years,” stated Titi Ngoy, President of Innex. “The Retro Adapter allows you to step back in time and play all the classics the way they were meant to be played using the original controllers. The old school is now the new cool.”

_About Innex
Innex was launched in 2004 as a distributor of video game related products with a particular emphasis on video game peripherals. The company has experienced exceptional growth in just five years and is poised to become one of the leading providers of gaming accessories worldwide. In addition to its extensive global distribution capabilities, Innex also provides its business partners with the opportunity to develop their own private label brands by offering an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) program. Simultaneously, Innex has positioned itself as a product sourcing agent, providing expert consultation to companies looking for specific video game related products that are either unavailable through other vendors, or difficult to find or manufacture. http://www.innexinc.com_