Could Sparkster, the Rocket Knight himself, be readying for launch once more?

An article from German magazine M! Games reports that a new installment in Konami's Rocket Knight Adventures series of platformers from the early 1990's may be in the works.

The story (which can be found here for those fluent in German) reports that the game is being developed by Climax Studios, the studio responsible for the upcoming Silent Hill: Shattered Memories game on Wii, and will feature 3D graphics and 2D gameplay a la New Super Mario Bros.. The article makes no mention of any specific platforms, but considering Konami's recent "ReBirthing" of Gradius and now Contra on the WiiWare servive it may very well end up being a downloadable title.

The last Rocket Knight Adventures game was released way back in 1994 as Sparkster for the Sega Megadrive and Super Nintendo. Konami haven't exactly forgotten about the franchise since - Sparkster himself has made all manner of cameos in later Konami games, most recently racing against Simon Belmont and Pyramid Head in New International Track and Field for the Nintendo DS - but of all the 1990's anthropomorphic platformer mascots that deserve another shot, Sparkster tops the list. At the very least, release the original games on the Virtual Console, Konami!

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