Game over man, game over!

A mysterious trailer has hit YouTube recently that appears to show footage from Aliens: Colonial Marines for the Nintendo DS.

The previously unheard of game appears to have been coded by highly respected developer Wayforward. While we're not entirely convinced this is a 100% official video, it certainly looks very polished for a fake effort, displaying silky-smooth 2D animation and plenty of action.

The video is accompanied on YouTube by the following text:

The CANCELED/unreleased Aliens vs. Space Marines for Nintendo DS. Rumor has it that the game is complete, but had been shelved due to money issues at Sega.

It certainly makes sense as Wayforward has recently been making noises about a new action title that is shaping up to be the spiritual successor to the fantastic Contra 4...perhaps this is it? If so, is the game really cancelled?

Needless to say, we'll be contacting Wayforward for clarification, but in the meantime feast your eyes (and shield your ears) for this:

--The video was removed due to a copyright infringement claim by Sega of America.--