The future is now, people.

Ubisoft today announced the launch of cooking aid My Cooking Coach, designed to support the new functionality of the Nintendo DSi. You can watch the (DSi-less) trailer below the fold.

The "DSi-enhanced" title, set for release in June and playable on both the standard DS and the newly-released DSi, gives DSi owners exclusive access to ten extra recipes and utilises the DSi's camera to "personalise users' profiles". A spokesperson from Ubisoft tells us that this will allow for budding chefs to add their own faces to their in-game avatar and save pictures of their own meals during and after the cooking process for future reference. Neat.

Reggie himself said that cross-compatible games were in the works for the DSi, so it's nice to see one emerge so soon after launch. Maybe if we're lucky we might get an actual game next time.

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