Wii and DS, a brotherly bond.

It was announced before that the Wii would be getting its own video service before long in Japan, and eventually other territories should be following suit. Recently however President Iwata dropped a few tidbits about how this service may not be exclusive to Nintendo's home console. The Nintendo DS may be getting some love as well.

Iwata says that the DS should be able to download videos from the Wii so that you can watch on the go. Considering that the DS is already capable of downloading demos from the Wii, the idea certainly isn't far-fetched. Whether or not the potential will be fulfilled will have to be seen in the future.

In the meantime, you aught not expect the same old video service that others have been providing. Iwata also states that there would be no reason in doing the same thing as everyone else, so instead they will be making thair service unique. Just how unique? Who can know? But considering how far Nintendo has strayed from the pack in the past, it would be easy to assume that this service will once again break the mold.

Look forward to it.

[source kotaku.com, via vooks.net]