Starfy is coming!

For those of you who don't already know, Nintendo is finally bringing their cute little starfish Stafi to North American with the upcoming release of The Legendary Starfy on Nintendo DS. As you can tell, they've changed the little guy's name a bit, but he's still the same adorable starfish we've all grown to love over the years.

Up until now, the Stafi titles have remained a Japanese exclusive, with three Game Boy Advance releases and two Nintendo DS titles. The Legendary Starfy is actually the most recent Nintendo DS release in Japan and focuses on our little starfish embarking on a journey to help a mysterious bunny-eared creature locate his lost memory. Below is a snippet taken from Nintendo's official press site.

In The Legendary Starfy™ game, which launches June 8, players dive into a spectacular undersea adventure with Starfy, the legendary hero of Pufftop. Players swoop into enemies like a shooting star, glide over bottomless chasms and transform into powerful creatures to help a mysterious, bunny-eared visitor find his lost memory.

The game uses a unique combination of platforming and puzzle elements to create a challenging game play experience. The underwater physics of the game also add another unique element to the mix. Combine this unique game play system with a fairly lengthy quest and you've got a welcome addition to the DS library.

We just added 5 brand new screenshots of the game in action that you can check out below and as usual we'll have more information on the game as it becomes available, as well as a full review once the game is released.