Convergence ahoy!

Although Nintendo has gone to great lengths to insist that the DS and iPhone aren’t in direct competition, a recent comment from golden boy Shigeru Miyamoto has led to speculation that the company's next portable will have some kind of wireless connectivity that will allow users to access data when they’re out and about – and not just when in close proximity to a Wi-Fi spot.

Mario’s dad spoketh these words:

I'm interested in [a system] when you're walking in town with your DS, you can use various services.

NoJ head chap Satoru Iwata has been asked about the possibility of a ‘Nintendo phone’ in the past and has always remained adamant that the company would not produce such a device unless it could guarantee that no monthly contract would be required; given the low age of many DS owners, this certainly makes sense. However, should a way be found to offer users free connectivity, then you can expect something to happen.

After all, who is going to tell Miyamoto that he can’t have his portable dream?