Great, just what we need - more Guitar Hero.

It seems as though gamers can't get enough of the Guitar Hero franchise, and Activision can't get enough of trying to milk the franchise for all its got.

Earlier this week, the German USK ratings board updated with a listing for Guitar Hero: Van Halen, presumably a title along similar lines to previous compilations based on Metallica and Aerosmith. It should be noted that this is already the third confirmed Guitar Hero title due for release this year, proving Activision have got no intentions of slowing down one of their prime franchises. Guitar Hero on Tour: Modern Hits for the Nintendo DS and Guitar Hero: Smash Hits are both currently slated for a June release, so the chances of Guitar Hero: Van Halen hitting anytime soon as slim.

When Activision officially confirms this new Guitar Hero instalment, we'll be sure to pass the word along to you.