Star Trek goes anime in Infinite Space

Publisher Sega has announced that Japanese DS owners will be able to get their hands on sci-fi space-opera Infinite Space (known as Infinite Line in Japan) on June 11.

Co-developed by PlatinumGames (ex-Clover Studios team and makers of MadWorld) and Nude Maker (Steel Battalion), Infinite Space allows you to craft and customise your own spaceship from over 150 different blueprints and hundreds of different crew members. Exploration, trading and battles all take place in real-time within a fully-rendered 3D galaxy, with 2D stills and character portraits during story scenes. With a single-player story based on the writings of legendary sci-fi author Arthur C. Clarke and local wireless multiplayer for two people, Infinite Space looks to be a sure-fire hit with sci-fi dorks and budding strategists alike.

Sega have expressed plans to release Infinite Space internationally, with dates yet to be announced. Considering the amount of Sega RPGs currently in the midst of localisation, however, a 2009 release seems unlikely.

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