Steve Wiebe doing what he does best

For those of you that haven’t seen the brilliant King of Kong yet, stop reading this post, grab your coat and run down to your DVD store. Purchase the film, watch it, and then resume reading.

Done that? Good.

Steve Wiebe – the ‘good guy’ of the movie who triumphed by beating the ‘evil guy’ Billy Mitchell’s Donkey Kong world record will once again attempt claim the title at this year’s E3, which takes place in June.

You see, although the movie ends with Wiebe beating Mitchell’s score, since it was filmed Mitchell has retaken the world record, which currently stands at a whopping 1,050,200 points.

Wiebe has previously had a crack at doing so and been unsuccessful – his closest try was at the E for All Expo last October – but it remains to be seen if he can wrestle the Donkey Kong crown from his arch-nemesis.

According to, the attempt will be televised in the US. No pressure, Steve!