Getting holdd of one of these will be a trial

Fans of the Ace Attorney series will probably go wild at the prospect of owning the recently announced limited edition DSi that features the emblem of the game's police force, Taihokun.

Over the years the series has been going from strength to strength, and now has 4 localised Western DS versions along with a string of GBA (and even PC) releases in Japan. It could well be said that the franchise was the pioneer of such games as Professor Layton and the Curious Village and Hotel Dusk: Room 215. Needless to say, the series is popular, and news of this limited edition DSi will be well received.

The DSi itself is the sleek white model with Taihokun branded on the front, and will set fans back ¥23,940 ($240USD, £160GBP). Due for release on May 28th in Japan, its launch will also coincide with the release of the latest game in the series: Gyakuten Kenji.

And as if the Japanese audience weren't lucky enough, they also are privy to a new series of Ace Attorney Mangas – staring the new hero, and reformed 'bad guy' from Phoenix Wright's days, Miles Edgeworth – which will be featured in the weekly Shuukan Young Magazine.

The chances of seeing a release anywhere outside of Japan are next to nil, so be sure to check out your local importer!

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