The future is SD!

With the Wii’s puny internal storage space (2050 blocks or so) getting completely filled up by downloading only a handful of WiiWare games with larger file sizes, it was clear that something needed to be done. Many suggested Nintendo would come out with a hard drive solution like the Xbox 360 thinking that the Wii hardware was not up to the task of playing games directly from SD cards. Thankfully it seems that this assumption was wrong!

As of today, if you go to your Wii’s settings and do a system update your Wii will gain the ability to play your games directly from an SD card. Simply go to ‘options’ -> ‘data’ -> ‘channels’ and select a game to transfer to SD card. Once this is done, you can bring up a new channel menu by clicking the little SD card icon which has been added to your Wii dashboard. Simple!

When downloading a game for the first time from the Wii Shop now, you can nominate if you want the game to be stored on the Wii's internal memory, or directly to the SD card. That's a nice time saving device.

Once the games are stored on the SD card, they don't take very long to boot. Bit.Trip Beat is one of the bigger WiiWare games and it took about 5 seconds on an official Wii 2GB SD card.

There are reports that even 32GB HC SD cards are supported, these are still quite expensive, but if you download practically everything on the Wii Shop then this might be a good choice for you!

The exciting news doesn’t stop there either, a number of arcade games can now be downloaded on the Virtual Console. Head on over to VC Reviews for more news on that.

Let us know your experiences of applying this update and if you are happy that this has solved all your storage woes.