Introducing Virtual Console Arcade

First off, you can now finally do what Nintendo promised months ago. If you update your Wii now you will get a little blue icon of an SD card at the bottom of your Wii Menu - Clicking it lets you instantly play any VC or WiiWare game you've got on it!

But that's not even the biggest news - If you go into the Wii Shop you'll find that Nintendo has added a new system to the mix. And it's Arcade, or as the Wii Shop calls it, Virtual Console Arcade! In both Europe and the US you can now download the following four arcade games for 500 Wii Points each (Except the first which is 600 in the US):

It seems Japan gets six games, but we're not sure which ones they are yet. Satoru Iwata also announced Space Invaders will be added soon as well, so expect some games to appear on VC a second time (The complete version of Donkey Kong, please?).

Watch out for our full reviews of these four arcade games soon!