So how many of you will actually use Moving Memo to draw Tingle?

...but, at any rate, they are North America's first confirmed titles, according to today's press release, and we have to admit, they're some pretty good ones to start with!

The first is WarioWare Snapped! (500 points), which promises to make good use of the DSi's new camera, and will hopefully go a long way toward demonstrating potential for its use in future games.

Then we have Art Style: Azurio (500 points), which was originally known as Art Style: Aquario and is being reported in at least one other place as Art Style: Aquia, so goodness knows what its final title will actually be. Regardless, the Art Style games haven't steered us wrong before (each of the three WiiWare releases earned a strong 8 out of ten!) and it will be great to have a brand new one available so soon into DSiWare's life.

And finally we can expect something called Moving Memo, which may interest you based on the fact that it's absolutely free. Or it was in Japan, at least...let's hope we get the same courtesy here. Apparently the application allows users to create hand-drawn animations and share them with friends, or upload them to the web. We'll be interested to see how this one works out.

Let's hope we get these on launch day, or very soon afterward. After all, something has to tide us over until the virtual console is officially announced...