Watch out for cheaters!

As preparation for the new Wii version of Punch-Out!!, Nintendo of Europe will be releasing Super Punch-Out!! on VC with tonight's bi-weekly VC update.

Super Punch-Out!! is more like the original two arcade games in the series - Unlike the NES game, in which you get a sort of "overhead" view of the entire boxing ring, you view Little Mac from behind while his opponent is in front of him, giving you a much more involved feel. Of course, your boxer can be seen through, otherwise he'd block the view!

Along with some returning opponents from both the arcade games and the NES game, there's a ton of new boxers as well, totalling up to 16 opponents. Of course, as is Punch-Out!! tradition, all of them are incredibly stereotypical! In this game, not all opponents follow the rules of boxing - Some of them use attacks that don't involve their hands at all! The game also includes a time trial mode so you can practice beating a single opponent over and over to get their pattern down.

Super Punch-Out!! is sometimes regarded as "inferior" by hardcore fans of the NES game, but truth be told, it's easily just as good, if not better. Look for it tonight!

Source: Nintendo of Europe