Your only choice soon may be this manly bundle

Following on from previous special occasion bundles, Nintendo are now increasing their distribution of DS Lite consoles pre-packaged with software titles, and completely ceasing production of the white and silver models. A Nintendo spokesperson gave this statement:

We will be increasing the availability of DS Lite bundles with software in the UK, however solus will still continue to be listed. We have chosen to do this as we have found many consumers like the convenience of buying software and hardware together and also enjoy buying them as gifts.

Completely ignoring the fact that most games retailers already offer consumers the convenience of buying software and hardware together - what, have Nintendo representatives never been to a game retailer?! - it's hard to believe many consumers find being forced to buy certain games with certain colours particularly enjoyable.

Although the official Nintendo statement claims they will "continue to list" solus models, the reality is that they will be released in much smaller numbers than currently, offering customers less choice when deciding which game bundle to buy. Here are the official bundles to be available going forward:

With the pound consistently losing value against the Yen and profits on hardware units remaining slim, Nintendo are presumably looking to boost revenues by selling units to retailers with software already packaged, upping the unit price on each console without an official price rise in a similar move to their recent Wii increase.

Then again, with the DSi around the corner this could all be moot if the console is soon superseded by its upmarket cousin.