Let's Hitchhike!

Incredibly after a super Thursday in Japan which saw a six title release on the brand new Virtual Console Arcade and two new WiiWare releases from Nintendo, Japanese Wii owners are still getting two new WiiWare releases and two new VC releases!

I hope the rest of the world gets treated equally well for a change.

WiiWare releases are:

Let's Hitchhike from Nippon 1 for 1000 points -- Some kind of hitch-hiking game?

Atsui 12 Furi Furi Party! from Tecmo for 500 points -- A mini-game collection with cute colourful blobby things. I think it's tied into an animated TV show.

And the VC releases are the infamous Takeshi's Challenge for the Famicom for 500 points and action platformer Genpei Toumaden for the Virtual Console Arcade for 800 points.