The usual suspects.

Although Rhythm Heaven is just now making its way outside of Japan, it has actually been in around for quite some time now. Beginning on the GBA under the title Rhythm Tengoku, it quickly garnered the attention of players with its quirky style and easy to use controls. Later came an arcade version, and of course the DS version, which is the first in the series to release worldwide.

For those who don't already know, Rhythm Heaven is a game all about staying in rhythm with in-game music. In the DS version you do so by tapping and sliding your stylus on the touch screen. Did you know that the team had a hard time settling on that configuration? Apparently they were volleying around several ideas to transition from button to stylus control. After playing the game yourself, you'll no doubt see that they made the right choice.

Rhythm Heaven hits US shores on April 5th, coinciding with the release of the Nintendo DSi, and will be heading elsewhere before long as well. Be sure to check out the game and read the full interview with the team behind this rhythmic game.