Time to upgrade your DS?

The good news: Japan is getting six releases at once, which might (underline might) suggest that DSiWare won't suffer as easily from the one-per-week schedules that sometimes affect WiiWare and the Virtual Console. Perhaps the smaller files and lower price points are encouraging more releases faster.

The less-good news: It looks like the App Store inspiration is in full swing; only two of the six releases are games!

Here are the games...whoops...releases that Japanese fans can look forward to:

Nintendo DSi Clock will tell you the time with a visual flair that reflects your choice of Super Mario Bros. or Animal Crossing. There looks to be a certain limited amount of "playability" as well, wherein you can interact with the characters and events.

Chotto Magic Taizen: Suki Kirai Hakkenki (say that three times fast!) is another Master of Illusion title. Our Japanese is a little rusty here at WiiWare World so we can't translate its subtitle, but the magic trick included has to do with using the DSi's microphone to determine whether or not somebody likes you.

Kuru Kuru Action Kuru Pachi 6 is a puzzle game involving numbered spheres.

Band Bros. Radio including Photo Stand is an application for playing songs and displaying photographs.

Kakonde Keshite Wakugumi no Jikan is a color-matching puzzler.

And Ganbaru Watashi no Osaifu Ouendan is a budgeting application that will allow you to enter your financial information, which it then exports in a format that can be read by budgeting programs on your PC.

That's about all the information we can glean about these games--erm, programs--so far, but stay tuned, and we'll let you know which of these, if any, we can expect for Western release.

Source: Nintendo (Japan)