Money! Money! Money!

Below are a few dollar amounts Ron gave out regarding the development of World of Goo.

  • $4000 on hardware
  • $1000 on software
  • $5000 on QA
  • $5000 for localization
  • $5000 for legal fees

He also explained that while these base costs might seem manageable, there are quite a few other expenses that go into the final tally when you take day-to-day living requirements over a 2 year period into account. When that is figured in it ramps up the total cost up to a whopping $96,000. And with only about $60,000 in PC Version pre-orders, the guys at 2D Boy still had to pony up over $28,000 out of their own pockets when the game launched. Ouch!

Carmel was quick to detail that nearly 60% of their revenues came from the WiiWare version of the game and told those in attendance that these digital download services available on the current generation of game consoles are really the best route to take when it comes to indie developers wanting to get the most bang for their buck.

While there's still no word on what 2D Boy's next project will be, Carmel offered up his usual quick-witted response. "It's going to be The Sophmore Effect: An Intentionally Mediocre Game." While it will be difficult to live up to the standards set by World of Goo, we find it hard to believe that their next project will be anything short of amazing.