Arguably the NES's greatest shoot 'em up, Life Force

Life Force is a spin-off of the Gradius series. You once again control Vic Viper (Or Lord British) as you make your way through numerous stages to beat the aliens again. The main difference between Life Force and the Gradius games is the level layout - Gradius always has horizontal levels, but Life Force has both horizontal and vertical levels. Many gameplay elements from Gradius are also in Life Force - The powerup system works exactly the same and you'll even meet some enemies from Gradius, such as the Moais! The NES doesn't have that many good shooters, but if you're going to play one, it should be this.

It should come as no surprise that that is all for VC this week. On WiiWare you can grab Evasive Space later today.

Today's press release for the Wii Shop releases should also be mentioned - It includes this mysterious paragraph hinting at something which will be soming soon. Any guesses?

In other news, the Wii-kly Update has a fun surprise coming soon for all our fans. We can't tell you the secret just yet but maybe we’ll offer you some hidden clues. From AZ to NC, if you’re a fan, your applause could rattle your walls, windows, door. You might enjoy this news whether you live in a brick house or Vanderbilt dorm. Even people living along Route 286 in rural Pennsylvania ought to be excited. It’ll feel like a bunch of birthday greetings and, really, who could ask for more? But that's about all we can say for now, so be sure to check future Wii-kly Updates.

Could it be that C64 games might come to North America soon?