It's coming!

LIT is a 3D horror action puzzler that follows Jake, a typical, apathetic, slightly emo teenager, who’s trapped in his high school when it’s overrun by dark creatures. Players must guide Jake through 30 classrooms, using the available light sources to create paths to each exit. The goal is to reunite Jake with his girlfriend Rachael, who’s also trapped in the school and calls Jake from time to time on the school’s phone system. Stay in the light and Jake’s safe. Step into the darkness and he’s pulled under.

In addition to light puzzling, the game features 5 boss battles against dark faculty members, an unlockable challenge mode, multiple endings, level select mode, and a second playable character. LIT will be released soon, exclusively on Nintendo’s WiiWare platform. Until then, keep your eyes here for the latest details on this game. And hit the sections below for screenshots, debut trailer, concept art, and a free downloadable soundtrack to the game.

We'll have a full review of LIT when it hits the WiiWare service on February 9th and don't forget to check out the interview which WiiWare World conducted with WayForward as well.