Plenty of explosions in MERCS

Wolf of the Battlefield: MERCS is the second game in the Commando series. You can take control of one of a number of muscular characters as you trek through jungles, mountains and villages blowing up everything you come across, from simple soldiers to giant tanks and mounted guns. This lacks the arcade version's co-op, but Capcom tried to make up for the mistake by giving the Mega Drive version an extra level.

Winter Games seems to be the final Epyx-developed "Games" game which will be released on VC - As Commodore released Summer Games II instead of the first, we don't think there will be any more. In Winter Games you once again compete against friends or the AI in a number of events, naturally trying to go for gold in every one. Sadly this is probably the worst game in the series - For some reason the C64 version of the game only has six events (Some other versions had eight) which means there's much less to do than in the other Epyx sports games.

That's all this week - Not all that surprising!

If you live in the US and desperately want to download C64 games you shouldn't worry too much - As you might remember, last Monday's press release for the US Wii Shop update included an entire paragraph hinting at something big that was coming. Since then multiple people have figured out that it almost certainly refers to C64 games, which, if true, means they could be coming any time now.