ClayFighter - Graphics? Alright. Everything else? Bad!

The first new game this week is ClayFighter for the Mega Drive. Attempting to cash in on other popular games at the time, such as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, Visual Concepts created one of their own. The reason they thought it would sell was because they were using claymation graphics - All the fighters are made of clay. It's true that this did look quite good, even on the Mega Drive - But in every other aspect the game pretty much failed. The music is mediocre, the fighters are incredibly unbalanced and the game just isn't very fun to play. It enjoyed some moderate popularity when it was first released, but it has aged quite bad!

Today's other offering sadly isn't that good either. Sonic Chaos is the third Master System Sonic title to be released on VC and quite easily the worst of the bunch. Its only truly new feature (Compared to the previous two Master System Sonics) is that you can choose to play as either Sonic or Tails, but this does not quite redeem the rest of the game, which is incredibly short, with a joke-worthy low difficulty level.

Chin up, maybe we'll get some more much-needed imports in two weeks!